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Not many people know that sexyactress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her husband, Captain Matthew have beenhappily married for the past 15years.
She got married to her pilot husband CaptainMatthew Ekeinde on 23rd of March 1996 at the Ikeja Registry and later did herWhite wedding on board a Dash 7 Aircraft flying Lagos to Benin,on the 21st ofApril 2001.
She is blessed with 4 adorable kids. Princess, M.J,Meriaih and Michael Ekeinde.
In this mind blowing interview,the talentedthespian opens up like never before.

Before my fatherdied,we had a good standard of living.

Immediately my father died,the first thing that came to everybody’s mind is,oh,theirstandard of living is going to drop.They are going to become very poor.Shewould probably become a prostitute.So my mum was on edge and under a lot ofpressure.

She was very uptight,always walking on pins and needles.I am the onlygirl,first daughter.So,at a point I was really confused as to how my life wasgoing to go,because there were times when we didn’t have anything to eat.Thatis the truth.We are 3-myself and my 2 younger brothers,I went through a lotwithin the time I lost my father and found my feet.

Once,my mother and I went to beg for money in the house of of one prominentNigerian.

We were so totally hopeless that day.I have never told anybody this before.Wecried all day because my younger brothers school fees was due and we didn’t havemoney to pay.

There was this man on my street,who is very rich.He is into Oil,Crude Oil.Wewalked to his house because we didn’t know what else to do.We sat down at hisgate from morning till night,when he came my mother and I sat on the pavementon the floor,by the gutter waiting for him to pull by.
I remember that when he got to the gate,he wound down and he recognized my mumfrom their days at Landlords meeting.He said Madam whats your problem.She toldhim everything.He said oh I really feel for you.Maybe we will talk later I amjust coming from work and he drove in.
He said I am really tired.The truth is that we never got anything from him.
A lot of people often ask me that question and its becoming ridiculous,becausepeople think I got married out of frustration or because I was one of those whowere repressed.I was a rebel.My mother actually predicted that I will never getmarried that was how bad it was.

I wasn’t the kind of person you could talk to.I was a very heady person.I hadvery strong opinions.

My mother used to say you can’t live with a man,no man can marry you.Its notthat I don’t respect people.But I just know what I know and you can’t change mymind.

I tell people this and I say it very very clearly.I don’t mince words when Isay it.If I wasn’t married to my husband I will never have been married.

If I had missed him,I would have remained single because I can’t find anybodyelse who understands me the way Matthew does.I really can’t.

Even my own brothers don’t understand me.(Laughs).

I am not an easy person to live with.Even I know.

My husband knows this.And he jokes with me that I have different spirits.Sosometimes when he talks to me he would joke,who am I talking to,which of theOmotola’s am I talking to ? It’s because I have different people in me.So whenyou are dealing with me,you have to be very careful because you don’t know whoyou are going to be talking to because I am a thinker,I am a very deep thinker.

Credit: talkofnaija

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